Create awesome WordPress Themes with Webflow

Enjoy a new limitless solution to build WordPress themes visually and without any coding skills thanks to the best design tool ever, Webflow.


How it works

WooCommerce is fully compatible with Udesly

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Add WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress site and set up a new store in minutes. Get secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box–for free. This plugin is fully compatible with the Udesly Adapter APP.

Create a powerful Ecommerce, visually.

Create a pixel-perfect store visually in Webflow and use it like a real WooCommerce Theme simply adding custom attributes to your CMS collections.

Convert your template with our App in few simple steps

Once finished with the design, export the Webflow code and convert it to a real WordPress Theme using the Udesly Adapter APP. Then upload the theme from the WordPress panel.

Manage your Ecommerce with no sales fees.

You can manage your store directly from WordPress without any sales fees. You can add, edit or delete products and category without jumping back to the Webflow project.

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Add custom attributes manually

If you already have a Webflow template, add the required custom attributes manually following our docs, so that everything will work after conversion.

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Start from cloneable templates

If you have too little time for theme building, choose our ready to use Webflow Templates. You can focus on customization and everything will be ready to be converted.

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Why the Adapter

Use Webflow to design pixel perfect layouts visually & manage any content in WordPress. A code free process from start to finish.

Webflow is the highest quality possible when it comes to visual design. WordPress covers any functionalities you need for your project. Don’t choose one, use them both to power your projects.

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Limitless design freedom
No-code & visual design tool
Advanced visual interactions
Time saving design
Advanced Ecommerce features
User Management System
(e.g. login area, membership system, restricted area etc.)
Multi-language Websites
(plugins & apps)

Save money

Pay less then one single WordPress theme and get the possibility to create unlimited themes.


Use your own hosting

You can choose any hosting provider without worrying about compatibility issues.


1 app, infinite templates

One single app to convert as many templates as you need for WordPress without any limit.


Plugins can cover it

Thousands of plugins will cover any needs and help you extend existing functionality on your site.


Webflow Interactions

Get all the Webflow animations and interactions fully converted and ready to work in WordPress.


Webflow Forms

No worries about Webflow default forms: they will work properly in each hosting provider you choose

Too busy to learn?

If you have a Webflow Project and want to convert it to WordPress, Shopify, Ghost or Netlify, you can hire us to do the work for you.

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Manage any content in your website directly in WordPress without ever needing to open up the Webflow panel.

The new Udesly WP Plugin will be once you have activated the theme in WordPress. No download needed.

Easy Frontend Editor for your clients

Create advanced and custom rules

Manage your blog and Ecommerce easily

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